Turn your presentations into conversations.

Save more than 15% on your entire sales process

Why Audience?

Each face to face contact with customer, prospect or business partner is a unique opportunity. Every single time. It’s our duty to help you make the most out of these precious moments of truth.

Audience Advantage offers the next generation technology to enable sales, service meetings, brand communications, education. It provides stunning graphics, best-in-class workflows, real-time data and unprecedented metrics.

One Voice. One Message.

Define your customer interaction strategy. From presentations, to conversations to conversions.

Sales Automation.

Deliver strong customer interaction. Be prepared to talk about specific themes with live data. Save hours in preparation and follow-up. Spend more time with customers.

Brand Continuity.

Simple content selection and creation helps your team tailor strong brand messages to the customer’s needs. High impact, full brand conformity.


Powerful analytics give you insight in your sales funnel performance, prospective targeting efficiency and brand content appeal.

How it works

Audience Advantage is a next-generation platform for digital customer interaction. Using our Cloud-based software offering you can manage your digital assets online. You can create content, select and share, show powerful presentations online and offline, even using mobile devices. Through application programming interfaces (API) we create integrated workflows and links to real-time data, or the latest available data when presenting offline.

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Our value proposition

Make your business case

Audience Advantage is connected and highly visual. You can use it for high-impact presentations, advanced product configurations, inventories, quotations and order processing.


  • Strong visuals
  • Real-time data
  • Maximum impact
  • Anywhere

Service meetings

  • Real-time data
  • Flexible
  • Attractive
  • Less preparation time
  • Keep your coprorate identity


  • Highly visual templates
  • Strong stories
  • Company values
  • Shareholder communication
  • Annual report

Brands using Audience

Together with following brands, we have been able to deliver success stories, captivate audiences, gain insights on different sales stories by advanced analytics and elevate businesses to a whole new level.


What our clients say about us.

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Michiel Sallaets

"Working with Verso is signing up for punctuality, creativity and a meticulous thoroughness. Audience lifted Incofin cvso's yearly presentation to a higher level, giving a new dimension to both visuals and interactive elements. In short: an efficient workflow and an impressive tool.”

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K. Van Volcem

“Audience has realised higher involvement, elevated interest, better understanding, increased reviewing and sharing and an improved brand perception on all our sales presentations.”

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Nespresso B2B Sales Department

“62% of all Nespresso business solutions presentation preparation efforts have been reduced since working with Audience.”

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S. B. Arabadjiev

“Audience unified our worldwide presentation process. From out of Amsterdam, we update our global Geodis Wilson presentation stack.”

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